Create Beautiful eBay Listing Templates With CrazyLister: Now Compatible With Kyozou

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Create Beautiful eBay Listing Templates With CrazyLister: Now Compatible With Kyozou

Big news! Kyozou is now integrated with CrazyLister.

At Kyozou we understand the importance of having clean professional listings that increase sales and work to make your job a little less mundane.

crazylister ebay listing templateWith CrazyLister you can utilize its drag and drop editor to have stunning results in just minutes with no coding experience required. Set yourself apart from the competition.

Without a doubt it’s the template that does most of the work in showcasing your products to your potential customers. Why do a lackluster job with it?

CrazyLister will provide you with templates that are 100% mobile responsive and impressively show all your listings on a platform where a majority of your customers may be browsing and shopping from mobile devices.

If you’re aware of eBay’s ban on active content coming on June 1st, there’s no need to worry if you’re using CrazyLister. Depending on the current design of your listing template, they may or may not be compliant with this update. It can be a nightmare to have to update hundreds of listings if they aren’t. With CrazyLister and Kyozou you’ll have the ability to bulk revise templates, effectively updating 1000’s of listings with just a few clicks. Any current active content on your listings will be easily replaced with these new great looking designs.

These templates are 100% compliant with the new active content update and can prove to be a phenomenal selling tool by giving you professional designs without the time consuming work of creating them from scratch.


It’s simple, good design sells.

Your listing templates can easily make or break your sale. How would you feel buying the product listed with the template here? It’s difficult to read, and I’m sure many potential customers click away right after seeing it. disorganized-listing

Design really does sell. CrazyLister’s templates are designed to increase your sales and they sure did the math to prove it. On average it was found that listings that utilized CrazyLister templates converted 10.5% better.

There’s a reason why CrazyLister is trusted by 60K eBay sellers from 150+ countries.

And now you can take advantage of it. With the integration between Kyozou and CrazyLister, Kyozou users will now get a lifetime 20% discount off CrazyLister. Contact your CSM today for more details.