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About Kyozou

In 2003, practically the land before time in eCommerce, the idea of Kyozu was brewing. During these early days of eCommerce, eBay sellers were looking for a method to solving issues of multichannel management.Kyozou e-commerce automation software is the answer to all their queries.

They realized a number of things:

  • Managing inventory quantities between channels would become a critical aspect of eCommerce – and get more difficult as the industry evolves.
  • Having an all-in-one platform to manage every step and process of your online sales can save a huge amount of time.

Without a proper solution in place, these sellers took matters into their own hands, and Kyozou was born. It’s a platform for sellers developed by sellers.

Kyozou is a great platform designed to take your sales to the next level. By combining all the steps in your product sales cycle in an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform, you can save dozens of hours a week.

Kyozou eCommerce automation software is designed as an all-in-one multichannel system. Meaning you’ll be managing all your venues and processes from a single location. From your main dashboard, you can access your inventory, listings, and order and shipping management from this one location. Instead of having multiple tabs open like your eBay, Amazon, and shipping couriers, you’ll only be using one.
Manage multiple warehouses to organize your inventory effectively. Access listing management to bulk revise listings, create listing templates, schedule listings, and list products with multi-lister. This multi-lister or quantity synchronization feature means you can effectively manage one quantity and list it simultaneously to eBay,eBay Motors, Etsy, Amazon, Newegg, and an eCommerce site. When one item sells, Kyozou eCommerce automation software automatically syncs the quantity remaining on your other active venues. Kyozou also includes order and shipping management, meaning you can process orders and manage customer data from the system.

For you automotive sellers, you’ll love the features Kyozou has. A large amount of our customer base are automotive sellers, so we’ve really tailored the system to be great for eBay Motors. You can use our system to easily create kits & bundles and create manage variations/parent-child variations. Not to mention, Kyozou makes selling auto parts extremely efficient with direct integration to eBay motors and intuitive fitment table capabilities for the Kyozou Webstore platform.

At Kyozou, we supply the best eCommerce sellers with the tools to keep them organized and selling profitably, and we’ve worked hard to partner with the top channels and integrations to make you the best online sellers possible.