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How & Why You Should Use Pokémon Go For Local Marketing Your Store

By Sonia Varkey 2 years ago
pokemon go local marketing store

Pokémon Go For eCommerce

You’ve probably heard a bit about Pokémon Go and have an idea of what it is. Quickly, it’s a freemium game, played from your phone that uses GPS and your camera to turn the real world into a training ground for catching Pokémons. If you’ve ever done geocaching it’s similar to that. Or if you were curious enough you may have downloaded it yourself and have ventured out to catch Pokémon to try and understand why it’s so popular. If you haven’t played it yet then you’ve probably seen the slews of people who are looking down into their phones and tracing through local neighborhoods. It may seem crazy, that the world from all ages has been trying this out, but there actually could be some benefits for you when it comes to marketing your business. If you have a retail store along with your online store, you can try to take advantage of some exposure.

As a local business you can offer special discounts or have a special event. Owners that have been doing this have been having success because being a part of the game will bring that foot traffic to your store. Here’s why.

The game includes things called PokéStops, where players stock up on tools needed for the game and Gyms where players train their Pokémon and fight them against other Pokémons. These are actual physical locations in your neighbourhood that through the magic of technology transform into a virtual world for the players and this is the foot traffic that you’ll get. People of all ages and personas are playing this game and that is why within there, you could be reaching some of your target market plus a little extra.

Here’s what you need to do to start setting yourself up for local marketing:

  1. Download Pokémon Go for free and set up your account.
  2. Walk around your store and neighbourhood using Pokémon Go to find the PokéStops and Gyms around you.
  3. Pay to become a Lure. For around $1 for a half hour promotion to players that Pokémon are there at your store, you can drive foot traffic to your store. This is a great price right now so you’ll want to try it out before costs go up as more and more businesses use this feature.
  4. Set up special sales for Pokémon Go players and tie them creatively to the game. Remember that your driving players in the heat of the game, so you want to talk them as part of the game.
  5. If you find that there is a Gym near you, then you can use some special sales signs to try and capture the foot traffic that is passing through on their way to the Gym. Bear in mind the players eyes are tied to their phones and that’s why you need to be visually creative. Here’s some suggested promotions to try out from Inc.com.
  6. If there isn’t any PokéStops and Gyms around you and you don’t want to invest in a Lure, you can explore around you to see where there are approximately 3 of these. Here, you know that players will come to catch Pokémon and you can set up your mobile location.

By becoming a part of this play world in reality, you’ll be capturing a lot of foot traffic while maybe even having a little fun. Be a part of the phenomenon, whether it’s a passing fad or not, it’s something that is bringing droves of people outside to physical locations! You need to get on this fast before your other local competitors do. Reap the rewards of offering some Pokémon Go promotions and watch what happens.

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