Welcome To Kyozou

Kyozou gets behind your online sales business so you can sweat less and profit more. It's the complete software solution managing the day-to-day of online sales, done the right way with integrations to Amazon, eBay, Newegg and your own Kyozou Webstore. Stocking multiple warehouses, multi-channel listing, and shipping with several carriers, Kyozou powers it all with push-button performance, so you can save time and focus on growing your business.

Get started selling online or expand your existing marketplace with tools designed to manage and grow your Ebay Webstore on Kyozou.com.


Manage your Ebay Webstore quickly and easily. We all know that in order to run a successful business, you have to stay organized. You’ll find tools for the ultimate in organization, for custom storage locations and multiple warehouses.You can import and update your inventory effortlessly with a spreadsheet or manually. Maintain more accurate records with Kyozou.


List to the world’s largest marketplace directly from your Ebay Webstore on Kyozou. You’ll discover why so many Ebay sellers are listing from Kyozou. Here are just a few reason why:


– Kyozou is an official Ebay certified solutions provider, one of only a handful of companies that own this accreditation. This means Kyozou is able to stay on top of all of the changes that happen on Ebay, and keep you up to date as well.

– Search the Ebay catalog for product information that has already been pre-compiled by other sellers, making your listing process quick and easy. Use product UPC, bar code and bar code scanning through the Kyozou interface.  Building your Ebay Webstore has never been this easy!

– Auto listing and re-listing made easy. Sellers save a lot of time on Ebay with listing automation. Kyozou sellers are able to maintain their quantities or re-list an item choosing from auction of fixed-price. Build your Ebay Webstore and maintain it with ease.

– Bulk revision. Updating your Ebay listings with the Kyozou bulk listing tools is a snap. Select items that you want to revise individually, by folder, or by all. In just a few clicks, you can update your entire inventory and change prices, quantities, templates and other features.

– Manage multiple accounts. For Ebay sellers that manage more than one Webstore, Kyozou is the best solution to meet your needs. You can list a single item to multiple Ebay profiles using the Multi-lister tool from Kyozou. Streamline the process and save time.

– Feedback notifications automated. Feedback is an important aspect of your Ebay Webstore, and now you can fully automate your feedback system, saving time upon each successful sale or when a positive feedback has been left for you. 


As an Ebay seller, efficiently managing your Webstore is one of the determining factors to your success. Be sure you’re optimizing your time, with tools designed for your success, from Kyozou. Get started now, by visiting online at Kyozou.com, and discover why so many other Ebay Webstore owners are using the best tools on the market. One look and we know you’ll be convinced- Kyozou is the only sensible solution to managing and growing an Ebay Webstore.