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Kyozou gets behind your online sales business so you can sweat less and profit more. It's the complete software solution managing the day-to-day of online sales, done the right way with integrations to Amazon, eBay, Newegg and your own Kyozou Webstore. Stocking multiple warehouses, multi-channel listing, and shipping with several carriers, Kyozou powers it all with push-button performance, so you can save time and focus on growing your business.

Could your online business benefit from exceptional organization? Kyozou’s multi-channel inventory manager offers superior Amazon and Ebay listing software to help you run a successful online business. Inventory Management is key to staying organized, and Kyozou provides solutions for everything from custom storage locations to multiple warehouse locations. 


Use Kyozou’s Amazon and Ebay listing software, designed to save time while listing from multiple marketplaces; manage your multi-channel listings and process your orders. Through multi-channel management, you can easily expand your sales avenues. Manage your Amazon, Ebay, Newegg and Reverb accounts all from one single Kyozou account. 


By using the Kyozou Multi-Channel listings management and selling tool ‘Multi-Lister’ you are able to maximize your online marketplace sales opportunities and increase your exposure by having your listings quantity synchronized across multiple marketplaces. 


Kyozou gives sellers the ability to take control of change. Edit each listing in bulk via Excel or from the friendly Kyozou user interface. In less than a few clicks users can change their entire eBay profile selling strategy from fixed priced GTC listings to a 7 day auction with a starting bid of $0.99. Making updates to an eBay listing template with the ‘Bulk Revision Tool’ allows users to update all their active listings to correspond with the change in template and start selling the changes. Kyozou’s listing tools are faster and more efficient than Amazon and Ebay listing software alone.


Superior listings management allows sellers to list on multiple marketplace platforms from one convenient location. As your items sell, Kyozou will automatically adjust the quantity across all marketplaces. Kyozou’s Ebay and Amazon listing software will make listing quicker and easier.


Manage the ‘life cycle’ of a product from the moment an inventory item is created to when an order is processed. Kyozou is an all-in-one solution designed to make selling easier. With integrations to eBay, Amazon, Newegg and the Kyozou Webstore platform, Kyozou has the tools to help sellers sell smarter. Kyozou’s tools are superior to Amazon and Ebay listing software.


From start to finish, Kyozou has the seller in mind. Sell it, pack it and ship it all from Kyozou. Create invoices and manage refunds, print shipping labels and get discounted shipping rates all from one solution. Kyozou saves you time, by setting up auto shipping processing rules a user can automatically print and generate a shipping label based on a sellers requirements. 


Visit Kyozou online to learn more about the services they offer to small business owners by going to kyozou.com. Check out the free demo that explains how Kyozou works and take advantage of Kyozou’s multi-channel Amazon and Ebay listing software. Get started today and start selling on Kyozou!

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