Welcome To Kyozou

Kyozou gets behind your online sales business so you can sweat less and profit more. It's the complete software solution managing the day-to-day of online sales, done the right way with integrations to Amazon, eBay, Newegg and your own Kyozou Webstore. Stocking multiple warehouses, multi-channel listing, and shipping with several carriers, Kyozou powers it all with push-button performance, so you can save time and focus on growing your business.

If you sell on the Ebay marketplace, you know the value of having control over your Ebay inventory– but the Ebay platform doesn’t always offer the right tools to meet every seller’s needs. Ebay sellers are discovering why Kyozou’s new software solutions are superior to Ebay alone for saving time and increasing sales. 
With Kyozou, you can not only better manage your Ebay inventory, but also integrate with your other marketplace inventories, like Amazon, Newegg and your own webstore, so that you can manage them simultaneously- all from one module! 
Superior control over your Ebay inventory is just the tip of the iceberg. List your inventory across multiple marketplaces at once with the Kyozou ‘Multi-Lister’ tool. Synchronize your quantity across Ebay, Amazon, Newegg and your own Kyozou Webstore, maximizing your sales potential. Kyozou’s Ebay inventory management software ensures your quantities are maximized across all channels, getting your items in front of buyers.
As an Ebay certified solution’s provider, Kyozou has an extensive list of Ebay specific features. With direct integration to Ebay motors and the fitment table database, selling auto parts with Kyozou is quick and effortless. Setup automatic listing profiles for your auction listings. Manage multiple Ebay profiles for your inventory all with the same Kyozou account. It’s Ebay inventory management software at it’s best, with Ebay lister, Ebay auctions and Ebay inventory management all integrated with the click of a few buttons. 
Need a few more reasons to sell on Kyozou? We have several:
– Ebay catalog search: Search the Ebay catalog for pre-compiled product information, making the Ebay inventory listing process quick and easy. Use a product UPC bar code and a bar code scanner through the Kyozou interface to search the Ebay catalog, or simply start typing.
  • Auto listing and relisting: Automated listings can save sellers a lot of time. With Kyozou, sellers can maintain listing quantities or re-list an item as an auction or fixed price listing.
  • Bulk revision tool: The Kyozou bulk revision tool makes updating your active Ebay inventory quick and painless. Select which items you want to revise by folder, individually or simply all active listings. In a few clicks  sellers can begin updating all their active listings, prices, quantities, listing templates or any other Ebay field requiring updates.
  • Scheduled listings: Kyozou has a built-in listing scheduler for when sellers want to list while away from the computer.
  • Automated feedback notifications: A solid feedback score is a must for any successful online seller. Feedback Notification Automation saves sellers time by automatically leaving positive feedback upon a successful sale or when a positive feedback is left.
Don’t just sell on Ebay- sell smarter. Visit Kyozou.com and schedule a short demo. With Kyozou, there is no contract, no hidden fees, and your first month of service is entirely free.