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Kyozou gets behind your online sales business so you can sweat less and profit more. It's the complete software solution managing the day-to-day of online sales, done the right way with integrations to Amazon, eBay, Newegg and your own Kyozou Webstore. Stocking multiple warehouses, multi-channel listing, and shipping with several carriers, Kyozou powers it all with push-button performance, so you can save time and focus on growing your business.

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Tips and Advice on Better Sales Practices

Online shopping has been an area of heavy focus in news media over the past few weeks. There is of course, the wide general interest in the prospect of delivery drones being tested by Amazon, as well as a few other vendors. But aside from this futuristic concept, there have been some stories that may have some implications for your business. Take a look at these stories to understand what has been going on in

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As an e-commerce vendor, you know that your holiday sales season doesn’t end with Cyber Monday. In fact, even after Christmas comes around, shoppers will abound, armed with gift cards and looking for deals on the merchandise they’ve been hoping to snag this year. Your online store needs to keep up a great strategy for getting the right listings in front of shoppers and taking them smoothly through the purchasing process. And with the right

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So, you have the basics in place for selling in volume online. You have learned the ins and outs of the eBay platform, and you are able to list quickly to get your inventory out on the web. And still, you have the feeling there is a lot more you can do to get the attention of your target market and become the seller of choice for the specific niche that you serve. Well, to

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