Welcome To Kyozou

Kyozou gets behind your online sales business so you can sweat less and profit more. It's the complete software solution managing the day-to-day of online sales, done the right way with integrations to Amazon, eBay, Newegg and your own Kyozou Webstore. Stocking multiple warehouses, multi-channel listing, and shipping with several carriers, Kyozou powers it all with push-button performance, so you can save time and focus on growing your business.

If you’re running one or more marketplace businesses online, you could probably benefit from Amazon order management software. After all, organization is key to making maximum sales. Kyozou provides exceptional order management software for sellers on multi-channels. Their services can help you grow your business while maintaining the level of organization necessary to run your business smoothly.


You’ll find that Kyozou is fully integrated with all of the top North American online marketplaces, including Ebay and Amazon. Their order management software makes it possible to sell through their Kyozou account, freeing up your valuable time to devote to other places in your business. 


List all of your inventory, manage all of your listings and process every order all from one single account- on Kyozou. If you’re a multi-channel seller, you’ll really be able to appreciate what this means for your business.


Kyozou recognizes that Amazon is one of the most profitable marketplaces available for online sellers, and selling on Amazon is crucial to your sales. With the ability to search the Amazon product catalog to quickly create listings, you’ll save time and make more money. You can also set up auto-pricing on Amazon with Kyozou, to stay as competitive as possible within the market. All of this is possible with Kyozou’s Amazon order management software.


You’ve probably already discovered that Amazon is the perfect venue from which to list your products. Now you can increase your store’s presence on Amazon with the automated convenience of Kyozou’s listing management tools. Take a look at what’s available when you partner with Kyozou:

– Amazon auto-pricing. Stay as competitive as you possibly can, by determining what price an item should sell for, while considering the least and the most that it should sell for. You can even include the feedback score that your price should be in competition with. Staying competitive is the best way to sell more of your product.

– Amazon Catalog Search. Now you can easily search the Amazon catalog to see if a product exists in the database. Using the Amazon catalog makes listing into Amazon a simple, time-saving process. With Kyozou’s Amazon order management software, you can quickly add your product to the catalog and be ready to sell in no time.

– Parent Child Listings. The Kyozou platform is directly integrated with Amazon, offering the ability to list parent child products such as jewelry or clothing. 


You’re going to love the Amazon order management software available from Kyozou- and you’ll love selling your product as your business grows. Get started today, at kyozou.com.